Istanbul is a world class city with a modern face and a stunning history. Its history spans three empires and over two millenia. Byzantium, Constantinople and now Istanbul are names which have resonated down the aisles of time. Istanbul’s pre-eminence as a city is a result of its stunning and strategic position, spanning the Bosphorus. In the past it controlled movement by land in either direction and is still an important link, culturally as well as geographically, between Europe and Asia.

Istanbul is no longer modern Turkey’s capital. That distinction lies with Ankara, centrally located in the middle of Anatolia.  Istanbul still remains Turkey’s largest city and occupies a huge area on both sides of the Bosphorus. It literally hums with activity. While Istanbul can offer every modern convenience at an affordable price, including professional dentistry, what lures the visitor here is the amazing architectural cornucopia of mosques and churches, palaces and monuments.

Sultanahmet is one of the city’s most visited districts as it crams in more architectural gems from the past than anywhere else in the city, together with the ease of access with its pedestrian precincts and tramway system. Istanbul and especially Sultanahmet boasts a host of hotels, restaurants and shops all at prices significantly lower than most European countries.

Istanbul is a major gateway to Turkey itself. Turkey has everything the visitor could wish for. It fronts the azure Mediterranean on two sides.

Its variety is one of İstanbul’s greatest attractions: The ancient mosques, palaces, museums and bazaars reflect its diverse history. The thriving shopping area of Taksim buzzes with life and entertainment. And the serene beauty of the İstanbul strait, Princes Islands and parks bring a touch of peace to the otherwise chaotic metropolis.

Where to Visit

  • The İstanbul Strait
  • Museums and Ancient Cities
  • Süleymaniye Mosque
  • Sultanahmet Mosque
  • Palaces, Pavillions
  • Religious Monuments
  • Ramparts
  • Bedestens
  • Towers
  • Monuments and Squares
  • Aqueducts
  • Fountains
  • National and Natural Parks
  • Recreation Areas
  • Sports Activities